Become a Participating Butcher

Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry provides funding to participating processors to prepare the meat for distribution.

If you are a processor and would like to get involved, please Contact Us.

Donating livestock Zionville Pantry

Donating livestock Zionville Pantry


  1. Processors wishing to participate must register each year to ensure funding availability.
  2. Facility must be health, custom exempt, state or USDA inspected.
  3. Butcher must carry liability insurance.
  4. All donated meat will be labeled type of meat and name of butcher shop.
  5. Meat is packaged in 1 lb, 2lb, or 5lb packages. Ground is preferred but any cut of meat is accepted.
  6. Food bank, soup kitchen or hunger relief organization must pick up meat.
  7. Hoosier Feeding the Hungry representatives are not permitted to deliver meat.
  8. General public must get donated meat from area hunger relief ministries. No meat will be given to general public from a meat processor or from volunteers of Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry.
  9. Processors must follow food safe handling regulations.
  10. Processors are not encouraged nor should they accept donations of meat that were not processed at their facility or have been pre‐processed by hunters of others. Due to food safety guidelines and inspections at food banks, meat that has not been professionally processed at a licensed or inspected facility cannot be accepted by a food bank.
  11. All products must be frozen prior to pick up by food charity.
  12. Donated product must be logged on donation log sheet and turned into Hoosiers Feeding the
    Hungry, listing pounds donated and which hunger pantry received the meat, when sending in invoices.
  13. Packaged meat must be labeled with type of meat (venison, pork or beef) plant name.