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The philanthropic outreach from this program includes board members, volunteers, meat processing shops, hunters and farmers, and community agencies, organizations, residents, and many generous donors – that donate their time, skills, and funds to help provide this nutritious meat to food banks and hunger relief agencies in their communities.  Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry partners with 85 meat processors statewide who reduce their rates to assist us in getting more donations of meat into hunger agencies and hunger relief agencies – including Feeding America Food Banks, who aid us in tracking and distribution.

We appreciate all of your support !!!



Community Harvest Food Bank picking up at D&D Meats
Morgan Hefty (Morgan Hefty State Farm Insurance) and Tyler Cleverly (United Way of DeKalb County, Inc.) transport 1,000 pounds of meat to RSVP – Community Center of Caring Food Pantry and for help Doug Donaldson (RSVP volunteer) stock their freezers.
St Joseph County 4-H Meat Hunger Members