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Steuben County Community Foundation Gives $5,000

(Angola, Indiana) –Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry has received a $5,000 award from funds held at the Steuben
County Community Foundation to support its “Meat” the Need initiative.
According to Feeding America, approximately 3,750 residents of Steuben County regularly struggle with
food insecurity – over one-fourth of which are children. Debra Treesh, Executive Director of Hoosiers
Feeding the Hungry, said that the funds received will be used to pay processing fees on over 6,000
pounds of donated livestock and deer, with the meat being given to agencies serving food-insecure
residents within Steuben County.
“Food banks, pantries and soup kitchens work to protect the most vulnerable and under-served in our
communities and these agencies continue to face increased demand due to the lasting effects of the 2020
pandemic.” Said Katie DeForest, Fund Development Director of Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry. “Protein is
one of the most important nutrients for brain and body development. Sadly, it is also the hardest
commodity for food banks to obtain, especially now with the rising cost of groceries.”
“This generous grant will allow us to continue and expand on our mission of hunger relief by providing
over 26,000 more meals through local hunger relief agencies. We are so grateful for the continued
support of our efforts in responding to the needs of those in the community facing hunger.” said Debra
To donate, farmers and hunters just need to take their livestock or deer to a local participating meat
processor (call ahead to schedule livestock). After processing, local food banks and pantries are called to
pick up the donation. There is absolutely no charge to the livestock and deer donors. For a list of
participating meat processors, visit

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