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Steuben County United Way Awards $5,000 to Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry

Lack of food does not only affect the homeless or unemployed. The economy may be showing signs of improvement but many hardworking Hoosiers are still living paycheck to paycheck, regularly having to choose between paying bills, obtaining medicine or buying groceries. In these homes, an unexpected bill of any sort (like a major car repair or medical bill) can throw an already tight budget into a downward spiral. According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap, 31% of working Indiana residents who are food insecure do not qualify for food-assistance programs. These residents have to turn to charitable food assistance networks such as food banks, pantries, hunger ministries, etc… And the hardest commodity for food banks to obtain? Protein, a nutrient that is part of every cell in your body and vital to brain/body development. Thank you Steuben County United Way for your continued support! On average, the cost of donated meat through our program is about $1.30 per pound, which is less than $.30 per meal! Your grant of $5,000 will provide almost 15,000 meals!

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