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Community Foundation of Elkhart County awards $15,000

According to Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap, there are 21,670 people in Elkhart County who regularly struggle with food insecurity – 8,710 of which are children. More than ever, families are struggling to buy groceries. Food banks, pantries, and soup kitchens work to protect the most vulnerable and under-served in our communities. These agencies continue to face increased demand during these uncertain times. Proper nutrition is vital to the health of all Hoosiers. That is why protein, an important component of every cell in the body and one of the most important nutrients for brain and body development in children, is so important. Sadly, it is also the hardest commodity for food banks to obtain, especially now.

The funds provided will allow Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry to pay for the processing of approximately 12,000 pounds of donated livestock and deer – providing 48,000 more meals through Indiana hunger relief agencies. “We are so thankful to have the Community Foundation continue to help us respond to the needs of those in our community facing hunger through this fund. A meal provided to a person in need means reduced hunger and increased disposable income because they can spend less on food. Right now, that is so important.” said Debra Treesh, Executive Director of Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry.

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