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John W. Anderson Foundation Awards $5,000 to fight hunger in Northwest Indiana

The latest Feeding America Map the Meal Gap report states that 31% of residents who are food insecure can’t qualify for assistance. Those affected by food insecurity are often at high-risk for obesity and diet-related diseases due to the lack of quality in the foods that they can afford. Protein, an important component of every cell in the body and one of the most important nutrients for brain and body development in children, is also the hardest commodity for food banks to obtain. Food insecurity can lead loss of muscle mass and bone frailty, decreased immune system, babies with lower birth weights and with delayed development or in the early stages of life, and lower academic performance among children – as the lack of healthy food results in people receiving fewer nutrients. The John W. Anderson Foundation has awarded a grant in the amount of $5,000 to our “Meat” the Need program! Over the course of the last five years, this Foundation has been a loyal supporter and partner, aiding this program in providing over 41,500 meals to Lake County and Porter County residents in need of additional food services! Thank you for working with us to reduce food insecurity in your communities!

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