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Community Foundation of Madison & Jefferson County grants $10,000 for 35,000 more meals in their community

The $10,000 in funds will pay to process about 8,600 pounds of donated large game and livestock – providing almost 35,000 more meals through area hunger-relief agencies to residents in need within their community. Partnering with 82 meat processors statewide, Hoosiers Feeding the Hungry gives approximately 575,000 pounds of meat annually to an average of 450 hunger relief agencies throughout Indiana. Processors who work hard for Jefferson County AND do all the processing at a reduced rate so that we are able to make grants like this go so much further include – Pate’s Processing Plant, Wayne’s Meats, and Westport Locker! This nutritious protein has been given to and distributed by Jefferson County House of Hope and Gleaners at Southwestern High School.

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